About MTDP

The Mass Timber Demonstration Program (MTDP) in British Columbia provides funding for incremental costs in the design and construction of buildings that demonstrate emerging or new mass timber or mass timber hybrid building systems and construction processes. The MTDP helps expand the use of mass timber in British Columbia, and supports economic recovery and increased employment in the design, engineering, construction, and product manufacturing sectors. Additionally, the program will share any lessons learned, results, and research findings to help support future mass timber projects in the province.

Intake 3 of the Mass Timber Demonstration Program now open.

MTDP Goals

The goals of MTDP are to:

  • Grow British Columbia’s mass timber, engineered wood products industry.
  • Grow British Columbia’s industries that support and contribute to mass timber and mass timber hybrid construction (i.e. design, engineering, technical research, virtual design, prefabrication, construction/assembly, etc.).
  • Support the province’s economic recovery and growth and help B.C. manufacturers to succeed in evolving domestic and global markets.

Eligible Activities

Available funds from the Province are designated to support incremental costs in the following research, design and construction areas:

  • Design development, permitting and construction planning; and
  • Construction and related activities.

    Eligible Applicants

    Eligible applicants include:

    • For-profit organizations registered in British Columbia (i.e. developers, building owners);
    • Not-for-profit organizations incorporated as a not-for-profit corporation or society formed under an Act of Canada or the Province of B.C. and in good standing under the relevant Act;
    • British Columbia local governments (i.e., municipalities and regional districts); and
    • First Nations governments and organizations.


    The National Building Code 2020 proposes provisions for the construction of encapsulated mass timber buildings up to 12 storeys in height. All local governments were invited to express their interest in adopting these provisions two to three years before the rest of the Province. As a result of this, 21 communities in British Columbia and the University of British Columbia have signed on to be early adopters of mass timber construction up to 12 storeys.

    While building codes are beginning to allow this type of construction, there can still be barriers, such as a lack of knowledge around its application, technical performance, constructability and incremental costs.

    To further the adoption of mass timber construction, the Province of British Columbia, through Forestry Innovation Investment, is investing to support near-term costs that will help accelerate the use of mass timber and support B.C.’s economic recovery.


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